UgCS debian repository
Installing UgCS on Ubuntu

Table of Contents

UgCS packages are available via apt repository located at

Supported Linux distributions/releases

Currently only Ubuntu Bionic Beaver 64bit is supported.

Preparing for installation

UgCS repositories are signed. You need to tell "apt" to trust them. It is accomplished by adding UgCS public key to apt trusted keys.

1) Add ugcs repository to apt trusted repositories.

    $ wget -O apt.ugcs.key | sudo apt-key add apt.ugcs.key

The above step is needed only once. You do not need to repeat it again on each update.

Installing UgCS

Add UgCS repository to our apt sources.

2) Add repository to apt sources:

  $ sudo sh -c 'echo "deb [arch=amd64] bionic main" > /etc/apt/sources.list.d/ugcs.list'

3) Update apt cache

  $ sudo apt update

4) Install ugcs desktop software

  $ sudo apt install ugcs-single-host

At this point ugcs software is installed and integrated with ubuntu automatic update notifications.

Running UgCS software

Running UgCS Mapper software

Software updates

Ubuntu checks for updates automatically once a day. You will receive update notifications about new UgCS version along with other system updates.

Uninstalling UgCS software

This command will remove everything what was installed by "apt install ugcs-single-host" command above including any user data and log files.

  $ sudo apt purge --auto-remove ugcs-single-host

Reinstall after Ubuntu release upgrade

Ubuntu distribution upgrade will uninstall the UgCS system but leave all user data untouched. You need to re-enable UgCS repository after Ubuntu distribution upgrade to point apt to correct repository and reinstall UgCS from the new repository.

This is achieved by executing the steps (1), (2), (3) and (4) described above. After that you will be able to use UgCS as before.


Client cannot connect to server on startup

Possible causes and solutions:

Cannot connect to vehicles via serial port

Symptoms: Vehicle is connected via radiolink on serial port but does not appear in UgCS.

Possible cause: By default regular user is not allowed to access serial devices directly. UgCS needs to access serial ports to communicate with vehicles.